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MEET: Jack, DJ
Wed 14 Jun 2017 @ 09:23

This week we meet another of SNAP's pro disc spinners, whom you can hire to play music at corporate events, weddings, private parties, and even - as he reveals - funerals… Jack has DJ’d at some stunning London's venues, but tells us he didn’t always aim to be a DJ…



Tell us about your first booking as a DJ

My first professional gig was at a local club in Notting Hill which I’m pleased to say went really well. I remember I had a few truly awful requests, but it must have gone well as I ended up being the Resident DJ at the club for 6 years.

Did you always want to be a pro DJ, or did you have some other plans when you were younger?

No - actually I wanted to be an astronaut!

If you could be another type of performer instead of a DJ, you’d like to be a…


SNAP gets bookings for all sorts of events - tell us about some of the more unusual ones you’ve performed at

You really do many weird gigs as a DJ! I’ve done Christmas parties in the middle of the summer believe it or not, and I've even played at funerals. One of the more unusual gigs I did was a Polish / Sri Lankan Wedding where I was playing all music from both countries - really fun and interesting. Most of my bookings are Weddings, Corporate Events, Clubs, Bars, Fashion Shows, Awards Shows, Sporting Events… the list goes on!

Jack DJ SNAP portrait

-Above: SNAP DJ Jack behind the decks and in the zone at a recent event.


Give us your top five tracks at the moment that are guaranteed floor fillers

My top five tracks to play at the moment are:

1 Kungs: This Girl - an instant summer classic.

2 Luis Fons/Justin Bieber: Despacito - there always seems to be one latin song each summer that everyone just loves.

3 Michael Jackson: P.Y.T - I recently rediscovered this classic; a million times better than the remix that's also out at the moment.

4 Ed Sheeran: Shape of You - everyone loves Ed!

5 Gala: Freed From Desire - a totally “guilty pleasure” song that gets everyone up on their feet!  

You must have seen some amazing venues around London, do you have a favourite place to play?

I'm lucky that I get to do amazing gigs in some of London’s top landmarks. Some are so high profile I'm contracted not to talk about them! I think Home House in Marylebone is my favourite though, as the staff are super friendly and helpful which rubs off on the party-goers.

SNAP DJ Jack's set up at a recent event at Home House, Marylebone

-Above: Jack's set-up with some extra lighting at a recent event at the beautiful Home House.


If someone reading this is thinking about getting into DJing, what would you say the most important skill would be?

The most valuable skill as a DJ is to be able to be versatile, and being able to adapt. No two gigs are the same.

What advice would you give people who are looking for a DJ for their event right now?

The best advice I would give would be that it’s fine to shop around as long as you ask questions and really listen to how the DJ or company responds, how helpful they are etc… and never book the cheapest DJ just because they are the cheapest!

In a way, the biggest mistake people make when booking a DJ is presuming anyone can DJ and all we do is play any old song. I love it when people realise that a lot of time and effort goes into planning each gig (especially weddings and corporate events), not to mention the extra work like setting up sound and lighting systems, and working out exactly what each client wants.

What do you like about SNAP in particular?

I love working with SNAP because they always seem to find us DJs great gigs, whether it be an amazing new venue or just great clients to work with. 



Jack is one of our team of hand-picked DJs, contact us to discuss your event now or click here to see more info on our DJ services, where you can immediately download a quote or make a booking securely online.


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